Managing the Deal

Managing the Deal

Even when parties agree, successfully managing a sale of a business requires many tasks to be handled in the right way to avoid problems which could lead to an expensive failure. That's where we can help.

When you engage The Collins Street Consultancy Group to help you manage the deal, you will benefit from:

The right process

Transitioning to a new owner is a complex process encompassing the legal transfer of ownership, transfer of operational know-how and a plan to communicate the change to staff, clients and other stakeholders.

With The Collins Street Consultancy Group, we will leverage our experience our network, and systems all  ensure a well thought out process covering all aspects of the deal and the business transition.

Network of specialist consultants

When selling a business, owners usually find that their professional network needs to be augmented with a team of proven experts to ensure a successful transaction.

At The Collins Street Consultancy Group, we have access to a wide network of industry specialists to assist our clients and ensure a successful sale. Our network of specialists includes business valuers, chartered accountants, financial structure specialists, business bankers, change management consultants and marketing communications specialists.

A transition and Integration plan

Once you have completed the deal, we can help you by facilitating a business transition and integration plan.

In our experience, a successful transition and integration plan needs to cover all the elements of the deal as well as a plan for how the business will operate through the transition - and after it.

As a minimum a business transition and integration plan should cover:

  • The ongoing management of the business throughout the sale process
  • transition of staff and clients
  • orderly transfer of management agreements, appropriate business retention arrangements and trade restraint provisions
  • the integration of the business with the new ownership on settlement.

Independent deal management

If you have already identified a business that you want to buy, or you have found a buyer for your stake in a business, The Collins Street Consultancy Group can still assist you.

We can provide a comprehensive and impartial deal management service which includes:

  • management all stages of the business sale process from initial evaluation and appraisal to post-sale transition
  • business information packaging
  • marketing, negotiation and documentation of the sale
  • post-sale transitioning
  • liaising with lawyers, financiers and other professional advisers.

Independent negotiation services

Negotiating the sale or purchase of a business takes skill, experience and intuition. Our consultants' expertise can assist you in achieving the successful sale of your business. We provide the impartiality and clarity necessary for an objective decision making environment.

Due Diligence

Whether you're the purchaser or a seller, it's vitally important to ensure your transaction delivers precisely what you believed it would.

To help you achieve the outcome you want, The Collins Street Consultancy Group can help you access proven processes to facilitate the successful negotiation and completion of the sale of your business.

These processes include the latest diagnostic tools, a business health check and strategic analysis.

The Collins Street Consultancy Group is a ‘one stop shop’ that can assit you to get the outcome you're aiming for and to manage any price adjustment provisions and or price variations.