Intermediation Services

Intermediation Services

It is easy to assume that once a purchaser and seller have met, concluding a successful business sale will be relatively straightforward. However, the reality is that many negotiations break down - and the problem is rarely price!

Negotiations can fail for many different reasons, sometimes because there is a breakdown in confidentiality (deliberate or inadvertent), or because there is a failure to manage unequal bargaining power, or simply because the parties fail to navigate an impasse in the negotiations.

Having a skilled, independent intermediator is the right solution

Engaging an independent intermediator is an effective way forward for parties who are either not confident or unsure; or simply prefer to ‘step back’ from direct negotiations, in completing a business sale.

At The Collins Street Consultancy Group, our consultants are highly experienced in intermediating for parties in negotiations. Our services include:

  • A confidential approach to gauge interest in a sale or purchase of a business
  • Opening initial discussions to see if a sale is feasible
  • Facilitating negotiations between the parties
  • Mediating between parties unable to reach an agreement by themselves
  • Dispassionate advice on how to successful advance negotiations
  • Coordinating other parties such as lawyers, accountants and bankers.

Engaging an independent intermediator can have a number of advantages:

  1. Removes emotion from negotiations - and focuses on an objective outcome
  2. Draws on the skill of an experienced negotiator
  3. Allows a purchaser to approach the owners of a competing business
  4. Provides arm's length advice from an independent party to help in diffuse arguments or breach an impasse.