Buying a Business

Buying a Business

A great business - or a grand mistake?

Buying the right business can be complicated - more complicated than a simple multiple of earnings calculation. Some businesses look good on paper but are just not profitable, while others seem less attractive, yet hold significant unrealised value.

Determining whether an acquisition is right for you requires more than a knowledge of the industry and finance - you also need a well-thought out, thorough and systemic assessment of the business, its potential and its success at serving client needs.

Ultimately most of a business' value lies with the client base - and success relies on the ability of new owners to retain their loyalty. Yet a client list is not a static entity and new owners need a comprehensive strategy to maintain the value of their acquisition. A business acquisition strategy should encompass:

The right management - establishing the right fit between the new owners, key staff and clients is essential to ensure a smooth transition to new ownership.

The right assets - an efficient and profitable business is founded on the operational assets, systems and management know-how in serving the client base. It's these qualities which allow an owner to make a profit and create good will.

The right team - an essential ingredient of any great business. There is a considerable hidden premium in a top performing team and new owners need a well-considered strategy to retain them and the culture of a business.

That's why you need the right consultant

At The Collins Street Consultancy Group, we leverage our experience to ensure you find and buy the right business. We act as your guide, identifying the right acquisition; matching your capabilities with a business then assisting you to ensure the transition is right so your investment has a profitable future.

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The Best Business Opportunities are Not For Sale!

..But it is amazing how ‘hidden opportunities’ can be uncovered by a discrete direct approach.

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