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Emma Buxton
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Growing up in a Real Estate focused family inspired Emma to complete a Bachelor of Business in Property. Emma then worked in Property valuations followed by residential and retail Property management. After travelling throughout the UK and Europe, Emma returned to join a recruitment company focusing on the Real Estate and Property industry. Since 2003, Emma, along with Amanda Buxton, has successfully developed and managed Buxton Pratt Consulting, one of Melbourne’s leading and highly respected Real Estate and Property focused recruitment and advisory businesses. Emma’s in depth knowledge, experience and passion for the industry drives her in ensuring her clients consistently have access to qualified, outstanding candidates, for both temporary/contract and permanent appointments. Working closely with many of Melbourne’s real estate offices, Emma understands the need for businesses to grow, expand and change in order to both attract the best talent as well as build their asset. This is why, Emma and the Buxton Pratt team have partnered with John Higginbotham and Loretta Truscott to combine their complimentary skills to assist their clients grow via acquisition of businesses and rent rolls, or if seeking a succession plan; to exit via outright sale or through new equity participation.